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English Titled Marches

Kaiser Fredrick March - Members British Military Band  British Military Band 
King Cotton - Sousa   Smith Station HS Band   US Marine Band 
UTube Video- Bachner Trpt
Klaxon (March Of The Autos)- Fillmore    Gem City Concert Band PA (May 10-06  scroll down 7/8)   113th Army Band
Kentucky Derby - King, Phillips Band (1m clip #11)
Kiefer's Special - Kiefer,  US Air Force Band (scroll down 3/4)
Kilties - Morris, USAF Heritage Band (scroll to bottom)
King Bombardon - WP English - UTUBE
Knights Of The Road - Huffer,  US Air Force Band (scroll down 1/2)
Kraper's Peculiar - C.L. Barnhouse - UTUBE
KDKA - Fulton  Coal County Silver Cornet Band (Scroll to bottom)
Lambs March - Sousa - UTUBE
Law And Order - H.L. Alford - UTUBE
Land of Liberty - James Swearington - Washington Winds
Le Pere la Victoire - Ganne  Eastman Wind Band (30 sec clip #2)
La Marseillasse - Lisle  US Marine Band (1m clip # 14 Click 3rd set of notes in bottom row) 
Let Flag of Freedom Wave - James Swearingen - Wahington Winds
Liberty Bell - Sousa   US Army Band      392nd Army Band  Scroll 1/2

Liberty Loan - Sousa - UTUBE

Lights Out - McCoy,  US Air Force Band (scroll down 3/4) 
Lilliburtero - K. Alford  PJ Brass Ensomble  (30 sec clip # 10)
Lincoln Highway - Floyd St. Clair - UTUBE
Little Bugler - A.W. Hughes - UTUBE
Lorreine - Ganne  Swedish Air Force Band (30 sec clip # 12)
Loyal Legion - Sousa    UTube Video -Riverside King Winds CA  Another UTUBE
Loyalty March - King, Phillips Band (1m clip #5)

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Non-English Titled Marches

Kaiser Karl March - C.M. Ziehrer - UTUBE

Kaiserjager March (German) USAF Heritage Band 

Kiniszi - J. Fucik - UTUBE
Klar zum Gefecht (Action Front) - Blankenburg   US Marine Band 1914 

Koniggratzer - UTube - zzahier

Konig von Sachsen - CM Ziehrer - UTUBE
Luftwaffe - UTUBE

Click name for bibliography if available. 
 Number after name is approx marches written.
 Marches listed can be found under title search

Kieker, William - Kiefer's Special
King, Karl L. -  Almo - Big Four - Gallant Marines - Torch of Liberity - Trombone King - Gallent Zouaves - Melody Shop - Nazir Grotto - Sarasota - Sir Galahad - Wanderlust - United Nations - Big Cage - Circus Days - Invictus - Bennett's Triumphal - Robinson's Grand Entry  -Mad Major   March Website has list of 188 marches by King with 16 in MIDI format. Another Website has all of King marches and history but no audio.   CD 1 Minute Sound Clips of 28 King Marches (All are listed on left march index).  Publisher Website.

Klohr, John N. - Berliner Luft


King, Karl L. -March Website has list of 188 marches by King with 16 in MIDI format. Another Website has all of King marches and history but no audio.   CD 1 Minute Sound Clips of 28 King Marches.  Publisher 
  Includes 11 recorded marches!  Another Website!

Labadorf, Thomas - USCG Chief Petty Officer
- Band Of America
Lincke, Paul (Germany) - Berliner Luft
Lisle, Claude-Joseph de - La marseillaise
Lithgow, Alex (Scot/NZ/Austral.) -  Invercargill - Gippsland
Lincoln, Harry - Fire Master

NOTE:  The Composers list only includes  composers who have 
 marches linked to this site.

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